Wednesday, February 13, 2013

nashville mixtapes 141

here's a short mixtape. don't listen to this if you're trying to get pumped up for the gym or something. these are winter songs.

1. wilson pickett - i'm in love
2. elephant - skyscraper
3. panda bear - ponytail
4. junip - line of fire
5. telepopmusik - breathe
6. here we go magic - over the ocean
7. kurt vile - wakin on a pretty day

Monday, September 10, 2012

nashville mixtapes 140

here's a new mixtape featuring some of the music i've been listening to lately. not everything is new here, but none of this music has ever found its way onto a nashville mixtapes compilation before. with any luck, there will be a couple new songs for you:

and here's the playlist:

1. django django - introduction
2. django django - hail bop
3. yeti lane - warning sensations
4. jim noir - one note world
5. here we go magic - alone but moving
6. clark - herzog
7. jj doom - borin' convo
8. burial - spaceape
9. quakers - my mantra (feat. dave dub)
10. quakers - fresh
11. katalyst - clapping song (feat. coin locker kid)
12. daffy duck - psa
13. david ruffin - still in my heart
14. lambchop - this corrosion (sisters of mercy)
15. silver jews - random rules

Monday, September 20, 2010

save wrvu

in case you haven't heard, vsc (the nonprofit corporation that owns vanderbilt's wrvu) announced plans last week to sell off the station's broadcast license and move it to an online-only format. although vsc made this announcement late last week, it's clear their decision to stifle dissent was well on its way before then. on september 7 they cynically purchased the domain names "" and "" as detailed in wrvu staff's draft letter to the editor of the hustler - a student newspaper also run under the watchful eye of vsc. *update: those supporting saving wrvu have now been given control of the domain names listed above*

although i'm a casualty of the community volunteer dj purge that occurred earlier this year, i still encourage anyone who cares about good radio to sign a petition at the sarratt student center and show his/her support for the station. vsc has made it abundantly clear that our community's opinion on this matter is worthless to them, but we can still try to make our voices heard. you can also let your friends know about this by liking the save wrvu facebook page and follow the discussion online by joining the save wrvu google group.

having said that, i think it's fair to assume that the decision may have already been made and that protests from the student body and the community may fall on deaf ears. earlier this year when vsc announced plans to cut community dj participation at the station, they feigned interest in reaching a compromise only to eventually enact their initial plan. it's clear to me that vsc is more than willing to sell off its most valuable asset to pay for other media projects that aren't pulling their own weight with regards to vanderbilt student media funding.

throughout this entire debate nobody has been able to explain why moving to an online-only format is a better proposition for the station. it took decades of hard work and dedication to make wrvu the high-wattage fm radio station we love today. hopefully with a lot of support from everybody all that hard work will not have been in vain.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

pick your poison

this year's summer mix series submission is actually two mini compilations rolled into one album. side a is full of mid and down-tempo tracks best enjoyed doing whatever it is you do to relax. the volume goes up on side b which features a few of the best rock songs you've forgotten about or never heard.

pick your poison

side a (26:46)
1. gorillaz - empire ants
2. autolux - highchair
3. panda bear - slow motion
4. the roots - right on
5. portishead - pedestal
6. caribou - jamelia
7. kurt vile - don't get cute

side b (26:25)
8. the besnard lakes - and this is what we call progress
9. turner cody - corner of my room
10. sic alps - l mansion
11. the ponys - double vision
12. ty segall - standing at the station
13. thee oh sees - go meet the seed
14. the zombies - just out of reach
15. the kinks - till the end of the day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

record store day 2010

don't forget to get out of the house on saturday, april 17 and show your favorite independent labels and record stores some love. if you're on the east side, it looks like the groove at five points will have tons of great live music (emmylou harris, tristen, tallest trees, chris crofton, etc.) and other fun things.

on the other side of the river, grimey's is going to have their own live music set-up (including clem snide), a special screening of the mountain goats movie, yazoo beer, jimmy carl's lunch box bbq, and tons of booths set up in the back yard. radio free nashville will be there too so stop by, pick up a t-shirt, and say hi.

here's a current list of 2010 record store day releases to whet your appetite.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

nashville mixtapes lives

i'm happy to announce that nashville mixtapes has a new home on 107.1 fm wrfn radio free nashville and will be on the air every saturday from 9-11am beginning next week. for those of you unfamiliar with the low power radio movement, lp brings the spirit of independent community radio back to airwaves. as the name implies, low power radio is just that - low power - so coverage can be spotty with an fm tuner and you may have to use the internet or cable tv to pick up the station.

here are all the different ways to enjoy wrfn:

107.1 fm
cable channel 10 (using sap audio - davidson county only)
iphone app
vlc player
windows media player

you can also hear wrfn on your mobile phone by following these instructions:
1. go to
2. choose RADIO from the list
3. choose MUSIC
4. choose CATEGORY

so there you go. hopefully you'll figure out the best way to tune in and hear the show. apparently the station archives shows for up to 6 months. if that's the case you'll find archive links here after each broadcast.

Friday, December 18, 2009

top 20 songs of 2009

here's a holiday gift for you and yours: a best-of-2009 compilation chock full of nashville mixtapes goodness. all songs were released in 2009 and made their way onto the show at least once. there are some glaring omissions, but i wanted to make it short enough for all my fellow luddites who still put things on cd. here's the link and the playlist:

1. doves - compulsion
2. nouvelle vague - master and servant
3. the raveonettes - heart of stone
4. elvis perkins in dearland - shampoo
5. real estate - fake blues
6. here we go magic - fangela
7. cryptacize - blue tears
8. memory cassette - asleep at a party
9. the xx - islands
10. stardeath and white dwarfs - the march
11. the flaming lips - silver trembling hands
12. mos def - quiet dog bite hard
13. beak> - i know
14. ramona falls - i say fever
15. le loup - beach town
16. spiral stairs - maltese t
17. the mumlers - coffin factory
18. thee oh sees - tidal wave
19. the strange boys - poem party
20. dan deacon - paddling ghost

Sunday, December 13, 2009

show #73 playlist

thanks to everybody for all the kind phone calls, emails, and twitter things. i had always assumed that the only people who heard nashville mixtapes were friends and the occasional radio surfer, but apparently a few people out there will miss the show. as you probably know by now, show #73 was my last broadcast on wrvu for the time being.

i won't be giving up on nashville mixtapes, so take heart. right now i've applied to move over to wrfn which is a low-power station in nashville that has a much better online presence than wrvu. if that move happens, you probably won't be able to hear the show on a regular terrestrial radio but you will be able to pick it up on cell phones and your computer pretty easily.

i'm also talking with a computer geek friend of mine who is willing to set up a podcast and defray all the associated costs (royalties, server space, bandwidth, etc.). it may take a few weeks, but nashville mixtapes will keep going in some form or another. for all you wrvu fans out there, i fully intend to reapply at the station for a fall 2010 time slot.

anyway, you can still listen to show #73 online until dec 19 by clicking the link on the left-hand column. here's the playlist:

the kinks - 20th century man
scott walker - 30 century man
tom waits - jockey full of bourbon
elbow - the bones of you
doves - kingdom of rust
the beach boys - sloop john b
the asteroid #4 - into the meadow
the soundtrack of our lives - keep the line movin'
the beatles - come together
bruce springsteen - backstreets
cotton jones - nicotine canaries
the velvet underground - rock and roll
the 13th floor elevators - you're gonna miss me
violent femmes - kiss off

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

moving on (for now)

nashville mixtapes has one more broadcast this saturday and then will go on hiatus until further notice. over the past few semesters the number of community volunteer dj's at wrvu has expanded dramatically and in fall '09 that number reached critical mass. the station has decided to reduce the number of community volunteer dj's by about half and nashville mixtapes didn't make the final cut.

there is hope for the future, however. the show will re-apply at the station in fall '10 and hopefully be invited back to the station at that time. thanks to everyone who listened and please stop by from time to time for updates on good music.

also, make sure to tune in this saturday at noon for the last episode. it'll be a "greatest hits" send-off... i promise it won't go down like this: